SME BhanuSolar Independent Power Producer IPP

SME BhanuSolar Independent Power Producer IPP
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Renewable energy determinations that new generation capacity is necessary to ensure the continued uninterrupted supply of electricity, our SME-BhanuSolar IPP division focuses on setting up and owning Solar Power Plants which sell power to State & Central utilities under long term Power Purchase Agreements. We at SME-BhanuSolar constructing and commissioning high performance independent solar power plants that deliver competitive solar power to the grid.

An independent power producer (IPP) or non-utility generator is an entity, which is not a public utility, but owns facilities to generate electric power for sale to Govt bodies (Grid-Owners, like UPPCL, NTPC, Power-Grid Corporation) end-users.

IPP Services & Consulting, Implementor includes

Bidding for solar power projects
Design & Engineering
Signing of PPA
Construction & Installation
Mobilizing Funds
Plant Commissioning
Assessment & Procurement of Land
Own, Operate & Maintain

SME-BhanuSolar professionals project execution display a perfect grasp of all of the stages of the development a renewable energy . They can evaluate the quality of a project site, select the most suitable suppliers and advisors, and negotiate optimal conditions for both the project’s financing and the sale of the electricity generated.

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